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How to measure and order a short panel

How to measure and order a short panel

A short panel will finish off most fencing, this guide will show you how to correctly measure then order the panel.

1. First measurement

Measure the width of the gap from inside the grooves of the posts at the top and bottom, then knock ¼” from that measurement for play (Make a note). If the panel is to be slid in between slotted posts it cannot be wider at the bottom than the top.

2. Second measurement

Measure the height from the top of the base panel to the top of the lowest post. The panels are 2’, 3’, 4’, 5’, 6’ or 7' high, 95% of the time one of these sizes will fit, if not then we can make panels to your required measurements.

3. Choose your panel

Select the style of your panel from the website, and then select the treatment and the correct cutting option entering your measurements in the correct boxes. Please note: if the width at the top and bottom differs, you need to state which side slopes; right or left when viewed from the front otherwise we will average it out over both sides.

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