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How to measure and order a non standard gate

How to measure and order a single non standard gate

This how to guide will take you through the necessary steps for correctly measuring and ordering a non standard gate.

1. Getting started

a) Print off the single gate order form. It can be downloaded here

b) Fill in the contact details at the top

c) Select the style of the gate

2. Hinges

Clarify the position of the hinges on the gate (usually on the back unless the gate is to open forwards).

3. Treatment

Select the preservative and state colour if required.

(Beware of drain pipes and other obstructions which could interfere with the gate operation).

4. Measuring up

Measure the width of the gap, top and bottom where you intend to fit the gate, deduct 3/4" for play and 2" for each 4"x2" wall post used. write the size on the gate sketch (add additional size at the bottom of sketch if required. If the width at the top and the bottom of the gate differs, you need to indicate the sloping side by drawing it onto the diagram otherwise we will average it out over both sides).

5. The gate brace

Mark on the sketch the gate brace, the brace is always sloping down to the bottom of the hinged side of the gate and is always drawn as though looking through the front face of the gate.

6. Gate height

Measure the height of gate required, to the shoulder (allow for at least 1 " clearance to the bottom of the gate , Remember if the ground under the gate rises measure from the highest point).

7. Gate style

Mark on the sketch if a bow or dish is required and if so, what measurement it needs to be from the shoulder.

8. Don't forget

Add any additional products to the bottom of the form.

9. Finishing up

Read the final checks, tick the boxes, sign and email it back to Cocklestorm we will get in touch to confirm cost and take payment.

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