Do I need planning permission for my garden shed?

You don't need planning permission for a shed if it falls within certain guidelines. If it's single storey, nobody will be living in it, no more than 30 square meters in area and doesn't encroach on neighbouring properties you should be fine. If you live in a listed building or near a conservation area there may be planning restrictions to consider. The government planning portal acts as a great primer for working out if you need planning permission; it is also worthwhile getting in touch with your local planning office if you need more specific advice.

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How to decide where to position your garden shed

Some corners of the garden lend themselves to ideal garden shed location; however, it’s worth double-checking that you know exactly where you’ll be laying the foundations and where the doors and windows will be facing.

A lot depends on how you’ll use the shed – tool or bike storage, home office, children’s playhouse or entertaining space are just a few potential uses. You’ll also need to consider how the shed will be accessed; whether it will block a neighbour’s view; if will it make the most of the sunlight and sunsets or get too hot; and if it will need an electricity supply running from the house.

We truly believe there is a shed for everyone and every garden – if you’d like to talk it over, come and see our sheds and summerhouses set up and ask one of our team to go through the possibilities with you.

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How to choose the right shed for your needs

When you decide to build a shed it pays to make sure you get one that is fit for purpose. You need to think first and foremost about what it will be used for. Storage, a workshop, an outdoor gym, there’s a lot of different uses for a shed and each one will influence which shed you will choose.

Each use will have a direct impact on the sheds size, what material it is built from be that plastic, wood or metal and the actual style of shed you choose. Depending on what is going in the shed the choice of base can also be massively important, for example an outdoor gym is going to require a more robust base to cope with the additional weight of gym equipment.

There's a lot to consider when looking for the right shed – our team are always happy to discuss the possibilities available and help you find the right shed for you and your garden.

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How to choose the right material to reroof your shed

A leaking or damaged shed roof should always be addressed as soon as possible. Water getting into your shed can cause damage to the things stored inside that you are trying to protect.

Choosing the right material to reroof your shed often depends on the style of shed you have and its intended purpose. The choice between shingles, felt, metal and plastic depends on the style of roof and the level of damage that calls for the reroofing to take place.

Taking care of your shed and making sure the roof isn’t leaking or damaged is a sure fire way to ensure its longevity. We are always happy to discuss the best choice and find the perfect material for your shed with you.

Fixing a leak in your shed

Any time you have a leak in your shed you run the risk of damage to whatever is being stored inside it, as well as lasting damage to the shed itself. Spotting a leak and fixing it early can save you time and money in the long run.

If the roof is leaking, along a seam in the felt fixing for example, it might involve replacing a run of felt and filling gaps or cracks in the timber using a sealant or silicone.

Water penetrating into the timber of the shed can cause swelling and cracking which leads to leaks. Make sure your shed has a proper level of protection like an oil based preservative, which can soak deep into the timber to provide a robust barrier against water penetration.

Cocklestorm supplies a number of different preservatives which you can view here.

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