Premium Composite Decking

Premium composite decking boards are WPC's (wood-polymer composites) which is an innovative product leading a new generation of outdoor construction materials.

This type of decking allows you to create a stylish, durable and contemporary outdoor solution for your patio, garden or terrace. Composite decking has a long life and is maintenance free, unlike timber which may rot or split and will need yearly cleaning/treating. It is highly suitable for both public and residential use.

Material Structure

Composite decking is an environmentally innovative material that combines the best qualities of plastic and wood fibres. Each individual deck board has a hollow composite profile, is manufactured from 95% recycled materials and contains no harmful chemicals.


The premium composite decking boards are available in 2 lengths, 2.2m and 2.8m long, a width of 140mm and a depth of 22mm. The 2.2m boards weigh approx. 6.1kg and the 2.8m are approx. 7.7kg

Due to the structure of composite deck boards, it will expand and contract with changes in temperature. The following shows the effect over different temperatures, relating to the temperature of the board and not the air temperature. (In direct sunlight, darker boards will reach higher temperatures than lighter colours)

10ºc = 1mm expansion / shrinkage
20ºc = 2mm expansion / shrinkage
30ºc = 4mm expansion / shrinkage
40ºc = 5mm expansion / shrinkage
50ºc = 6mm expansion / shrinkage

Due to the expansion with temperature changes, it is recommended to leave a 6mm gap between each board to allow slight board expansion.

Why Choose Premium Composite Decking?

Low Maintenance - No need to paint, stain or seal. Saving both time and money, just a periodical light clean.

Environmental - Manufactured from recycled materials and can also be recycled.

Natural Texture - Composite decking is free from the artificial plastic like feel of other comparable decking products, and so feels natural to touch and walk on.

High Friction Surface - Even when wet, premium composite decking provides a high friction surface, preventing slipping and injuring yourself.

Splinter Free - The natural properties of our wood/plastics composite result in a smooth surface, free from splintering, safe for bare feet and little ones.

High Resistance To UV Rays - This decking is low in lignin fibres, naturally found in wood, that lead to colour fading and greying with UV exposure.

Low Moisture Absorption - Resistance against mould, mildew and even staining.

Installation And Finished Product - Premium composite decking is easily installed. The system uses hidden T fixing clips to fix the decking boards so there are no unsightly screws, ensuring speedy installation.

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