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  • Transform your shed into a guest room

    Do you need a spare room for guests, but simply don’t have the space in your home? Do you find you have to put your friends on your living room sofa, or give up your own cosy bed?
  • Make your garden safe for your toddler

    By the time your child is mobile and shows interest in playing outside, you should have conducted a garden safety audit. It doesn’t need to be complicated – write a list of all the possible things that could pose a threat to your child as they start to toddle, and even as they find their feet and become curious gardeners, afternoon campers and trampoline champions.
  • Read this first if you need a new garden fence

    The answer to the question of what the most important feature in your garden is, will vary depending on who you ask. For your kids it could be the lawn for playing, or for you the patio for your BBQs, or even your mini-allotment.
  • Why a raised flowerbed is brilliant

    Raised flowerbeds make a colourful and interesting focal point within a garden. There’s more to a raised flowerbed than just looking picturesque, they have other benefits, which can help make the most of your space.
  • What can you do with your old fencing?

    You’ve just installed new fencing in your garden and are enjoying the feeling of a job well done. (Tip: check our how-to guides for expert advice.) There’s just one problem: what do you do with the old fencing you’ve replaced?

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