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Order Free Samples

Ordering free samples gives you an easy and convenient way of viewing the different types of colour finishes available from Cocklestorm. It gives a good impression of the colour that you would like to use for your fence, gate, decking, shed or any other timber product.

Many different grades and finishes of timber products are widely available from Cocklestorm, hence why we offer a wide range of samples in various colour finishes. You can order as many samples as you wish by clicking on the ‘Request A Sample’ link under each product description. Clicking this will allow you to add samples to your shopping cart without having to pay a penny to have them delivered straight to your door.

Within days, you will receive a sample (or samples) of timber in the colour finish (or finishes) requested. The timber sample will be relevant to the product that you are interested in so that it shows the best product colour match possible.

Requesting a free sample is just like a normal order process

  • While browsing products, add to your cart using ‘Request a Sample’
  • Choose samples you’d like a closer look at from the range displayed
  • Add these to your cart, then continue browsing samples or shopping
  • When you’ve finished shopping, go through the checkout process
  • You won’t be charged anything for the sample or its delivery
  • There is no pressure or obligation to buy a product you’ve sampled

Please read the disclaimer regarding timber and colour treatments