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Brand New, Textured UPVC Fencing

Cocklestorm have recently been working with a UPVC manufacturing company to produce a brand new range of textured UPVC fencing. The process has been ongoing now for several months, but the wait has definitely been worthwhile.

Why Should You Buy This Fencing?

During the manufacturing process, Cocklestorm worked closely with the supplier to ensure that this line of textured UPVC fencing would be perfect, not only for us but for you as our customer.

Listed below are just some of the reasons why we think this new textured UPVC fencing will benefit you and your garden...


Thicker & Stronger

Each individual 12" high gravel board now weighs 7kg, this is 40% more than the old gravel boards which weighed only 5kg. The extra weigh is a result of more material used to manufacture the gravel boards, which in turn means they are thicker, stronger and more durable!


Lower In Price

As Cocklestorm have been working directly with the manufacturer for this range of fencing, we are not set to any recommended retail price (RRP) and so are able to sell them at the price we believe to be fair to our customers. Each 12" gravel board is now only £14.50, which is a saving of £1.50! This equates to £9 for a full 6ft high fence, and £90 for 10 sections of fencing!


Range Of Colours

The new range of textured fencing has been manufactured to very similar colours, as the older range, as these proved to be very popular. The names of the three new colours are Chestnut Brown, Sage Green and Carbon Grey. The three images below represent the colours, but please note as these are digital copies they may not look exactly the same as the product.

  Textured UPVC Fencing

Same Profile

With the new textured UPVC fencing replacing the old style, this now means that all of the UPVC fencing available from Cocklestorm have the same side profile. Should you wish to, you are now able to mix and match any of the UPVC fencing as they all have the same shape.

  UPVC gravel board sectional values

Very Low Maintenance

Unlike the more traditional timber fencing, which requires yearly treatment which can be costly and time comsuming, UPVC fencing is virtually maintenance free! The only maintenance required is an occasional clean with warm soapy water.


Environmentally Friendly

Textured UPVC fencing, like all UPVC fencing available from Cocklestorm, is manufactured to meet the strictest environmental regulations. They are made from 88% recycled & 100% lead free UPVC, making it better for the environment and helping to preserve the planet for generations to come.