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Cocklestorm Fencing Co Ltd prides themselves on their ability to provide premium quality timber that exhumes luxury for the modern individual(s). We aim for total quality satisfaction and individuality that meets the needs of our clients. We understand that choosing the right fence panel and colour is pinnacle to the finished result of a particular project, house, and apartment, whatever it may be. However, there are a few points that need to be taken into consideration and understood prior to purchase.

Concerns regarding variation of the timber are brought up constantly. The variation of any timber refers to both colour and the physical characteristics it carries such as knots. To ensure that we leave little to zero room for any discrepancies, it is pivotal that all our clients read the following and understand that


Timber is a natural product which may split, warp and expand. All of these characteristics are normal and in no way affect the longevity of the products. A coat of any good oil-based preservative should give some protection against cracking and splitting. An annual treatment will give your timber better protection. However timber itself will bleach in the sun over time, meaning that timber in the same colour treatment may not match if ordered at different times.

The grain variation and knots seen on a board is due to the simple fact that because timber is a natural product and has gone through subsequent periods of growth, the natural characteristics of the board stand out. Extra care has been taken during the manufacturing process of the timber boards to put together boards of the same colour and grain variation, however, no two boards are the same, i.e.; colour and grain variation can happen from batch to batch due to the nature of the product and the manufacturing process. 


The colour treatments used by Cocklestorm; dark brown, light brown and summer tan, are oil based which penetrates the surface of the timber to protect the timber from the inside out. Water based brown and orange treatments soak into the timber offering more of a colour treatment rather than a protective treatment. Dependent on the finish and grade of timber will affect how deeply the timber is penetrated and so giving different shades of colour. Each treatment in which the products are dipped in is batched produced. This means that each batch may have a slightly different colour shading, although best possible care is taken to ensure that each batch produces the same shading. Products dipped in the same colour treatment may not match if they are ordered at different times.

Products manufactured using pressure treated timber may display a flecking of the pressure treatment as a light green colour. When these products are dip treated, the flecking may still show through the treatment but in no way diminishes the quality of the timber.

Over time, whilst exposed to the UV rays of the sun, products treated with a colour will begin to lighten which in no way reduces the quality of the product. The best way to counteract this lightening process is by treating your product, in the same oil based preservative, on a yearly basis.

Composite uPVC Products

When all composite uPVC products are manufactured, they are heated up to a very high temperature and then cooled down by passing through a water tank. As they pass through the tank, some of the water is retained in the products giving it a darker appearance. Once composite uPVC products are out in the open air, they will begin to dry out and lighten up in colour. During this process, they may appear to have a mottled look as they won't dry out evenly. After approx. 4 weeks, they should have fully dried out (with no mottled appearance) and will be a lighter colour than they are when first purchased.